Kick'n that 22"

The 22" wheeled BMX bike seems to make most everyone that tries one sing.  Here is a build we just completed.  If you would like a price on a bike built with these specs or need just some 22" bike parts please let us know.  Contact

22 inch bmx bikes



  • Frame  S&M ATF 22.25
  • Wheels  Revenge 22"
  • Tires S&M Mainline 2.425
  • Bars S&M P10's
  • Fork S&M Pichfork XLT
  • Cranks Profile Column 175 22mm
  • BB Profile 22mm
  • Pedals Promo PC
  • Seat S&M Coxie
  • Seat Post S&M Long
  • Stem S&M XLT American Flag wrap
  • Headset Odyssey
  • Grips ODI
  • Chain Priomo Half Link